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The Shpigler Group is a strategy management consulting firm offering our clients a full range of services. We have designed our practice to add value to our clients’ organizations, identifying suitable opportunities and optimal solutions. We deliver custom consulting services to four major industry groups:

  • Energy
  • Water
  • Telecom
  • Smart Cities

Our services include financial and operational analysis, business case development, and detailed studies that examine best practices. We listen to our clients and incorporate their input alongside our own industry knowledge, ability, and experience to develop a comprehensive plan that addresses client needs while providing viable options that add value.

The Shpigler Group - Practice Areas


The Shpigler Group offers services to clients in a wide range of areas:
  • Developing feasibility studies for program implementation
  • Performing benchmarking studies to support performance enhancement
  • Conducting financial analysis of operations and detailing areas for improvement
  • Supporting network design and construction management
  • Performing technical research relating to projects or solutions designed
  • Conducting management and operational audits
  • Implementing go-to-market strategies
  • Developing comprehensive and fact-based business plans
  • Developing complete network designs and performing economic analysis of chosen models
  • Developing detailed operating analysis and managing deployment efforts

To learn more about some of the specific solutions we deliver to each of our target industries, please visit the pages for each:

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