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Founded in 2001, The Shpigler Group serves as a strategy management consulting firm, specializing in transitional analysis for clients in the utility sector. While traditional analysis may still work for companies involved in static industries, the dynamic changes occurring within the utility sector that feature extensive automation advances and new customer approaches suggest that traditional analysis and business approaches are simply no longer good enough. Consider the following projects where we add value every day:

  • Utilities facing 'Smart Grid' and 'Smart Water' initiatives that offer the potential to reshape the means by which services are delivered in the most dramatic way in the last hundred years

  • Grid operators seeking to evaluate how new energy storage approaches can deliver value through peak shaving, increased efficiency in system reserve requirements, and savings in grid operations

  • Water distribution system operators seekign to add value by incorporating new technology developments in acoustic leak sensors and smart pumping algorithisms.

  • System developers that are advancing dramatically new ways to deliver capabilities to utilities in a way that can demonstrate cost effective financial returns

  • Cooperatives seeking new communications approaches across vast rural stretches as a way to improve operations that may represent the most significant initiative since the advent of rural electrification

These are the areas of focus in which The Shpigler Group works and achieves great success by utilizing our specialized and proprietary toolset developed for the never- before-seen problems of the utility sector.



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